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REGISTRATION Österreich GravelCircle


Sun 24 Sept | SCHWALBE GRAVEL GAMES | Ewald colliery



For teams of two who can find their way around!

Your task: Drive a lap of as exactly 15 km as possible within one hour in unfamiliar terrain. Orientation and a good sense of distance is required.

Time & Place

Österreich GravelCircle

24 Sept, 10:30

SCHWALBE GRAVEL GAMES | Zeche Ewald, Doncaster Pl. 1, 45699 Herten, Germany

About the event

INFORMATION & PROCEDURE // REGISTRATION You can register using the following registration form. Participation is free. Late registrations are possible on the day of the event at the Österreich Werbung/KTM/Simplon stand. The start number can be picked up at the Österreich Werbung/KTM/Simplon stand. // REGULATIONS Teams of two people take part. After registration, the teams will be assigned one of 4 sectors (northwest, northeast, south west, south east) around the event site. This takes place at the stand of the Österreich Werbung stand. The team goes to the appropriate sector. A closed lap must be driven within the sector. The aim is to complete a lap of 15 kilometers as precisely as possible. The team that reaches the specified distance as precisely as possible wins. The lap must be a real lap, i.e. it must not be a round-trip lap e.g. on a cycle path that runs on both sides of a road. No section of the route may be driven twice. The team gets a point deduction for every meter difference from the specified route length. The distance of the circuit driven must be entered via the app of our partner komoot. The circuit in the allocated sector must be driven within a period of 60 minutes. // REVIEW OF RESULTS The results are checked at the Österreich Werbung stand. The distance of the circuit driven must be entered via the app of our partner komoot. // WINNER The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at around 5:45 p.m. The five best teams will be honored at the awards ceremony. The winning teams receive attractive prizes from the sponsors and an individual trophy. Important: The StVO must be observed while driving!

Anmeldung GravelCircle

REGISTRATION Österreich GravelCircle
Team registration: Please only 1 registration/team


Thank you for registering for our event! We will see you soon.

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